Lender Case Study

Newbold Advisors Lender Case Study

The Problem:

A $4B Financial Institution faced an increase in pre-closing QA audit issues originating from the Processing department. 

These issues were negatively impacting business as follows: 

  • Increased closing turn times, FTE time and production costs
  • Decreased referrals due to dissatisfied borrowers and third-parties unhappy with delayed closing times


The client engaged Newbold’s subject matter experts to employ industry best practice expertise in evaluating current processing operations and in making recommendations for improvement. We accomplished this process as follows:

  • Met with key management and processing team members in onsite organizational and operational meetings 
  • Analyzed department workflows
  • Conducted full reviews of all team policies and procedures, as well as relevant documentation
  • Facilitated a full whiteboard session with lender on end-to-end processes and systems
  • Identified process requirements, guideline adherence, system utilization, current training methodology and QA, and post-close auditing procedures
Newbold Advisors Lender Case Study


  • Increased pandemic volume over 18 months led to hiring many new staff members without deep mortgage experience. They were trained largely through co-workers’ show and tell
  • Existing state procedures were either out of date and/or not consistently followed
  • Staff failed to fully utilize LOS to leverage configurable functionality to reduce manual work around or unnecessary hand-offs


  • Develop a targeted Processing 101 training protocol
  • Re-align role to responsibility
  • Institute a daily processors touchpoint meeting with manager to quickly review pipeline and daily priorities
  • Automate LOS checklists to eliminate manual/paper checklist and data duplication
  • Create training to include process improvement tricks in current LOS

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