Business processes are the fundamental elements to successfully achieving corporate strategies, goals and objectives. They are the key mechanisms by which a company delivers value to its customers. Regularly assessing business processes against industry best practices keeps the enterprise current, minimizes errors and ensures controls are effective.

Metric-Driven Objectives

Our approach is always pragmatic – every process optimization project will have a metric-driven objective, and every implementation must be measured against this objective. At Newbold, we apply the best approach depending on the needs of the organization and the state of the process being evaluated. We will assist in determining whether a complete process re-engineering is needed or if a process improvement is sufficient. Re-engineering may even be transformative depending on your enterprise strategy.

Best Practices Applied

Newbold’s process experts have a track record of delivering value. We have deep and varied industry credentials and are trained in quality management methodologies. Our teams typically consist of subject matter experts, project managers and business analysts. They bring the process business analysis discipline, as well as deep industry experience for rapid ramp-up and contribution of industry best practices.

The result of your engagement will be a practical, implementable design for your future state, where we will identify pain points, weaknesses, initiatives and quick wins.


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