Our Story

In 2006, sitting at a quaint Italian bistro in Cleveland Park, DC, three industry experts – an accountant, a technologist, and a Wall Street operations specialist – conceived the idea for Newbold Advisors. They envisioned a consultancy that would offer honesty, transparency and expert consulting services.

Newbold was built on two core principles: be a trusted advisor to our clients and prioritize both client and employee satisfaction above profits. When the market collapsed in 2008, Newbold’s mortgage industry experts proved invaluable to those who desperately needed talent.

By 2011, we evolved from our original focus on mortgage banking expertise into technology. We began assisting clients with system conversions and implementations. Newbold’s growth has been a collective effort, with thousands of dedicated team members at its core. Our enduring commitment is to our core values, fostering deep relationships with many clients and consultants becoming dear friends.

Today, Newbold stands strong with a focus on self-funded sustainable growth. We're built resiliently, emphasizing adaptability and corporate responsibility, where all team members contribute. Our culture champions mutually beneficial relationships, diversity, and respect. Looking forward, we remain committed to delivering top-notch services to our clients, ensuring our employees are content, and embracing change for ongoing success. We're optimistic about what's next.

Founding Partners

Tim Gaven, Founding Partner

Tim Gaven

Founding Partner
Terry Couto, Founding Partner

Terry Couto

Founding Partner
Dan Reiman, Founding Partner

Dan Reiman

Founding Partner

Our Promise

Honesty. We will turn down business if we can’t do the job right. We will gladly accept the short-term consequences of turning down your business to build a long-term relationship with you based on trust.

Experience. If we don’t have the right people to execute your work, we won’t take your assignment.

Execution. We have never failed a client and we won’t start with your company.

Reputation. We value our reputation above all else and have consistently adhered to our principles. That’s why we are an industry leader.

Team Members


Michael Wade, Partner

Michael Wade

Chad Moyer, Partner

Chad Moyer

Pascal Boillat, Board Advisor, Partner

Pascal Boillat

Board Advisor, Partner
Shari Harrison, Chief Financial Officer

Shari Harrison

Chief Financial Officer
Monica Lee, Managing Director, Recruiting

Monica Lee

Managing Director, Recruiting
Sally Bartholmey, General Counsel, HR Executive

Sally Bartholmey

General Counsel, HR Executive
Jeff Wise, Managing Director

Jeff Wiise

Managing Director

Business Development

Neal Allen, Sr. Manager, Business Development

Neal Allen

Sr. Manager, Business Development
Jeff Brown, Sr. Manager, Business Development

Jeff Brown

Sr. Manager, Business Development
Dan Furlong, Sr. Manager, Business Development

Dan Furlong

Sr. Manager, Business Development
Amy Paulishak, Sr. Director, Business Development

Amy Paulishak

Sr. Director, Business Development
Nikki Schmedding, Manager, Business Development

Nikki Schmedding

Manager, Business Development
David Solomon, Sr. Director

David Solomon

Sr. Director, Business Development
Chrissie Bisagna Thrash, Managing Director, Staffing

Chrissie Bisagna Thrash

Managing Director, Staffing
Vivek Tuli, Sr. Director, UAT Practice, Consulting

Vivek Tuli

Sr. Director, UAT Practice, Consulting


Jamie Callahan, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

Jamie Callahan

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition
Julie Covington, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

Julie Covington

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition
Ken Hays, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

Ken Hays

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition
Adam Hessler, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

Adam Hessler

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition
Sara Jackson, Manager, Talent Acquisition

Sara Jackson

Manager, Talent Acquisition
Sondra Philoon, Director, Resourcing

Sondra Philoon

Director, Resourcing


Tina Brantley, Supervisor, Compensation

Tina Brantley

Supervisor, Compensation
Jennifer Miller Carney, Marketing Manager

Jennifer Miller Carney

Marketing Manager
Kristy Forrest, Manager, Accounting

Kristy Forrest

Manager, Accounting
Azucena Hernandez, Payroll Specialist

Azucena Hernandez

Payroll Specialist
Ashley Hett, AVP, Human Resources

Ashley Hett

AVP, Human Resources
Amy Moyer, Controller

Amy Moyer


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