Regulatory Compliance Gap Analysis

Are your current state servicing P&Ps up to regulatory and investor guidelines? CFPB and other regulatory bodies are now aggressively preparing for in-depth servicer reviews. A servicer’s ability to assist borrowers in a timely and efficient manner will be paramount to a successful regulatory audit. Key to that success is having well documented processes and procedures that are compliant from a regulatory perspective and repeatable. Let Newbold be the partner to your success.


Assess your current state of servicing operations from a regulatory, compliance and investor perspective.


Identify deficiencies in your processes and/or procedures across servicing.


Recommend solutions through a collaborative engagement approach with stakeholder to discuss the issues and develop recommendations.


Present ​recommendations to the responsible manager who accepts or rejects the proposal on the spot.


Develop a holistic plan of action that includes updating or creating new processes and procedures that are CFPB compliant to optimize your servicing operations.

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