Position: Senior Business Development Manager

Office location: Austin, TX

Phone: 512-206-6411

Email: nnorris@newboldadvisors.com

As one of Newbold’s newest team members, Nathan Norris has a fresh take on what it’s like to join an organization (during a pandemic, no less) and onboard remotely. With just a few months logged with Newbold, Norris has his eye trained on professional goals and progress within the organization. As an avid golfer, he considers benchmarks and personal targets an important part of working toward—and achieving—success.

“You can’t join a new organization and assume you’ll get up to speed in the first couple of months” Norris says. “Just like in the game of golf, it’s a baby-step process to learn new systems, new acronyms and new processes.”

Gauging progress correlates to golf and to embarking on a new professional endeavor, he explains. “With golf, you have candid touchpoints with your instructor to check progress, and, of course, you are putting the time into your game, playing regularly and seeing trends in your scores getting lower (hopefully),” Norris adds. His perspective from the course aligns with his approach to hitting goals as a business development manager. Benchmarks he may track to ensure he’s headed in the right direction include quarterly revenue numbers, direct hire fees for the year, and even a predetermined number of client meetings per week. 

(Even More) Important Info on Nathan

Alma Mater: Graduated from New Mexico State University (Go Aggies!), with a degree in Business Administration and Professional Golf Management 

Additional Roles: Father, Husband, Non-Handyman

Pets: Two Australian Shepherds (Fynton and Bozley); one hedgehog (Clove), six chickens (Licorice, Kiwi, Mango, Plum, Coconut and Fig)

Favorite destination: Australia’s Noosa Beach area

Superpower: Patience